The Sustainable Backyard Tour


The 2016 Sustainable Backyard Tour was Made Possible by our Hosts and:

“The realization is growing that every intervention has an impact and that for too long, our impact has harmed rather than healed the land on which we depend for everything from bodily nourishment to spiritual sustenance.  How might our landscape interventions be more positive, how might they restore the land to health rather than participate in its ongoing decline?

From “Grow Wild” by Lorraine Johnson. 1998 Fulcrum Pub.

The Universe offered a warm and sunny welcome to all attendees of the 2016 Sustainable Backyard Tour on June 12th. Folks visiting 48 host sites throughout St. Louis City and County picked up tips on such diverse topics as growing and preserving food, attracting pollinators, using solar PV, even laying pervious patios!

Winners of prizes for registering are:

Dr. Bronner's Gift Basket: # 340  Sara Alhajeri

EFS Energy Solar Gadget Bag:  # 213 Garrick Mueller

St. Louis Audubon Society Consultation: # 539 Ben Clemens

Greenscape Gardens Gift Card: # 605 Michele Meyer

Baileys Restaurants Gift Card: # 342 Brian Beckmann

Kakao Chocolates: # 423 Marian McCord

Kitchen House Coffee Gift Card: # 45 The Wheeler Family

Thank you all for participating in the 2016 Sustainable Backyard Tour, as guests and sponsors! Thank you to all who registered and to the generous donors of our awesome prizes!  The Winners of the seven prizes were generated using a Random Number Generator called